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Consult a Tulsa, Oklahoma immigration attorney

Here’s something you probably already know: cases related to immigration law can be complicated and drawn-out.

Find immigration help for your business

Find immigration help for your business

If you’re an employer in need of legal help related to immigration, get in touch with Harker Law Office. John W. Harker can help with:

  • Sponsorship and green cards
  • Program Electronic Review Management (PERM)
  • Labor certification
  • The hiring of temp and H-1B visa workers

Whether you’re living internationally or residing here in the states, you’ll need competent help if you want to streamline the legal process, from paperwork to legal hearings.

John W. Harker of Harker Law Office can provide the caring support that you need. He’ll brings years of proven experience to your Tulsa, Oklahoma immigration or naturalization case. He can help you with:
  • Bringing family members into the states
  • Progressing to citizenship
  • Filing I-130 and I-485 applications
  • Defending criminal or deportation cases
  • Claiming asylum

Achieve immigration dreams with a strong lawyer by your side. Contact Harker Law Office today by calling 918-877-2615!